New Workout Videos

Each month is an all new workout plan and new videos!

Trainer Support

Live weekly chats to answer all your questions and keep you motivated!

Fun, Fit & Fast!

Challenges, Recipes, Goals, Monthly themes, Menus and More!

So what's this all about?

QuickFit Club features the Fitness Makeover Program that is proven to drop inches and pounds while boosting your metabolism for permanent weight loss! Each month of the program is a new “cycle” of workouts that focus on various body parts, workout techniques, and fitness goals. Your body continues to change because your workouts change at the right time!

Your success is planned by Master Trainer Kira Langolf, the host of “Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape” and “GetFit TV.” For over 35 years, Kira has trained clients, studied weight loss and body shaping techniques and knows what works and what is hype in the fitness industry! Her philosophy and techniques may not be mainstream, but they WORK! To learn more about Kira and her training philosophy, click below.

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